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Fragrances Are Embarrassed to Love

When you ask a woman — especially a beauty editor — for her favorite perfume, you expect to hear names like Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, and ChloĆ© — not Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and Paris Hilton.

It’s not that we have anything against these celebs, but there’s something so cheese-tastic about buying and wearing a fragrance that has a celebrity’s face plastered all over it. And yet, the celebrity fragrance industry is booming.

Elizabeth Taylor was the first to cash in with her celebrity perfume, and since then the fragrance industry has become a major revenue source for Hollywood. Take Paris Hilton. She’s made $1.5 billion dollars from her perfume collection so far, and she’s coming out with fragrance No. 15 this summer. Clearly there’s a market for the products, but who arethe women shelling out their hard earned cash for these celebrity fragrances?

We are.

Skip ahead to see the 11 celebrity fragrances we’re embarrassed to love.

Now, before you start raising those eyebrows, hear us out. While we may not proudly display these celeb fragrances on our vanities, the truth is that a handful of these perfumes actually smell good. Sure, you could argue that some of these celebrities don’t have any business in the limelight — let alone the perfume industry. But one way or another, they’ve created scents that a lot of us love to wear. Want to see the 11 celebrity fragrances the editors secretly spritz on every day? Who knows, just like us, you might end up needing to find a good hiding spot for one of these.

Find the fragrance your mom will love

Sure, you love your mom. That’s totally undisputable. But that doesn’t mean that some years Mother’s Day completely escapes your mind and you’re scrambling to find a gift for your mom at the last minute.

Avoid all that stress and be 100 percent prepared this year with a gift your mom is guaranteed to love: a gorgeous perfume. A pretty fragrance is the perfect Mother’s Day gift because scent is so personal. But instead of spending hours at the department store, spritzing test strips with different perfumes and walking out of there smelling like you were way too spray-happy, just check out our Mother’s Day perfume guide.

We’ve got the perfect scent for every mom. Keep reading to see our favorites and then all you have to decide is which one is just right for your mom.

Just the gorgeous flower-adorned bottle alone makes this scent the perfect Mother’s Day gift. This fragrance is ideal for the mother who fully embraces her soft and feminine side. The bright freshness of bergamot oranges with a twist of white alba truffle is as pretty as it is unique.

A lily of the valley bouquet is traditionally given as a message of love, so what better Mother’s Day present than a bottle of this fragrance? If your mother has a green thumb or just loves filling her home with fresh flowers, then you’ve found her new favorite perfume.

Neroli Portofino eau de parfum is inspired by the cool breeze and sparking clear water of the Italian Riviera. Even if you can’t give your mom an all-expense-paid trip to Italy, give her this perfume with crisp citrus oils, floral notes, and amber undertones, instead. This fragrance is perfect for the mother who loves travel and has a bit of European flair.

The new fragrances that will transport you to summer faster than a whiff of Coppertone sunscreen

Take a deep, deep breath in through your nose. Smell that? That’s the scent of summer.

Come May, the aromas in the air start to change distinctly. There’s the classic summer scent cocktail of sunscreen, sand, and salt water. And then there’s the smell of savory barbeque chicken and juicy watermelon at a family picnic. Or sprinklers and cut grass. Fresh mint from the herb garden. Chlorine wafting up from your pool. You get the drift. There’s a whole buncha smells going on, and our olfactory senses are in overdrive this time of year.

So, when new summer fragrances started landing on our desks, we couldn’t wait to spritz ’em on our pulse points. And while it’s not possible to bottle summer, these scents come pretty close.

Which is why we’ve gone and rounded up the freshest of the bunch. The only problem? There’s no scratch n’ sniff option on the Internet. (But how awesome would it be if there were!? C’mon technology, make it happen!) So it’s our job to describe these scents as distinctly and viscerally as possible.

Instead of using common perfume descriptors that don’t really tell us much — words like “sensual,” “refined,” or “romantic” — we’ve come up with exactly the people, places, or things these summer fragrances bring to mind for us. Now it’s just a matter of choosing the right one for you.

Smells just like… A wicker picnic basket filled with a baguette, fresh blueberries, brie, and champagne

All the right notes: mandarin, blueberry, licorice, tuberose, sandalwood

Guide to the best fall

Have you noticed that when you read about the new fall 2012 fragrances like, say, Marc Jacobs’ “Dot,” that words like “playful,” “lovely,” and “fresh” always pop up in the description? And aren’t vague, fluffy, marketing phrases like that completely annoying? What do they tell you about how the fragrance really smells? Nothing. And that’swhat we want to know.

Look, we get it: writing a fragrance review is hard. Really hard. One woman can smell roses while the next gal gets candy. But honestly, raise your hand if you can summon to mind what “top notes of bergamot” or “a blend of melons” mean or what they smell like?

Luckily, we’re always up for a challenge. Last week we conducted an office-wide sniff-test of all the new fall 2012 fragrances. The goal: To choose the top 10 and include real reviews. The kind that go beyond boring catch phrases like “sexy” or “warm” and truly capture the emotion or memory evoked by each scent for each tester.

“It smells hot and sweet, like candy melting on the dashboard of your car.” — Emily Popp, Assistant Editor

“It reminds me of a Blow Pop, especially that moment when you reach the bubblegum center.” — Paola Gonzalez Marra, Senior Designer

“This smells like a sunny day at Disneyland, when the air is filled with caramel apples and cotton candy.” — Sophie Salazar, Editorial Intern

“It smells like when you walk into the bottom level of a Bloomindales and you pass all the high-end fragrance counters.” — Cinya Burton, Senior Associate Editor

“It reminds me of a very fancy grandmother breezing past me on her way to the Met.” — Popp

“The after-scent is as if you are sprinkling on some baby powder.” — Christine Lee, Editorial Intern