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How to wear perfume the new way

At least 1,000 new fragrances will come out this year. (To put that number into perspective, only 76 new scents were released in 1991.) With so many fragrances to choose from, you’d think that finding your ideal scent would be easier. But how many times have you smelled a perfume and wished it were a hint sweeter or a little lighter? Instead of sniffing thousands of scents in search of the perfect one (which sounds like a major headache — literally!), wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to wear the perfume you already have —better?

That’s where layering fragrances comes in. In this case, we’re not talking about mixing two perfumes, which experts say can be extremely tricky even for a trained nose. Instead, it’s about incorporating the right scents into other aspects of your beauty routine to make your perfume work better for you. “Ideally, layering is about choosing a body wash and lotion that will help extend your scent throughout the day,” says Franco Wright, co-owner of the Scent Bar in Los Angeles.

Not only can you make your fragrance last longer, but there are also tricks to change your scent for different seasons or wear it in unique ways for more impact. Basically, how you wear perfume is just as important as the fragrance you wear. So, follow these seven tips to get the most out of your favorite perfume now.

Start simpleOne and two-note fragrances are ideal for layering, and they are becoming increasingly popular. So popular, in fact, that you probably already own at least one. Take, for example, the Gucci Flora Garden Collection, $100 each, which is comprised of five scents: Gorgeous Gardenia, Gracious Tuberose, Glorious Mandarin, Generous Violet, and Glamorous Magnolia. Each perfume highlights a single flower. “Simplicity makes fragrances more approachable,” says Scent Bar co-owner Adam Eastwood. “They’re unfussy and casual at the same time — you don’t have to think too much about it.” Wright points out that vanilla, amber, or coconut-based scents are also easy to layer because these notes tend to go well with everything.

Meanwhile, the only time you should avoid layering fragrances altogether is if you’re dedicated to a statement perfume. “With something like Chanel No. 5 you don’t want to overwhelm the fragrance — it’s meant to be distinct,” says Eastwood. “You want to go unscented with your bath and body products if you’re wearing a scent like this.”

The secret of your favorite scent

The quest to find your new signature scent can feel staggering. “Do you like florals?” “What’s your perfect first date?” “Diamonds or pearls?” The seemingly unrelated questions perfume salespeople pose can leave you sniffing every scent in the store until everything smells like an amalgam of musks, florals, spices and fruits.

So what if we told you there was an easier way to find the best perfume for you — a way that requires you to answer just one question that you’ve answered a billion times before: What’s your sign?

Before you roll your eyes, hear us out. Sure, you may not let your horoscope guide your every move, but it does uncannily sync up with your life more often than you care to admit.

According to perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis, founder of Strange Invisible Perfumes, choosing a scent based on your zodiac isn’t all that far-fetched. “Similar personalities gravitate toward the same fragrances on a vibrational level,” says Balahoutis. “It isn’t that cheerful people tend to like one fragrance without fail and that intellectual people prefer another. It often has to do with two things aligning. The feeling that comes with experiencing a certain scent somehow matches the feeling that a person’s presence emits,” she explains.

Plus, says New Orleans-based psychic, astrologer and medium Cari Roy, wearing a scent that corresponds to your star sign brings out your best qualities. “Using a scent that empowers you will give you the will to push your strengths forward,” says Roy.

And if that doesn’t convince you, maybe a few dozen impossibly pretty perfume bottles will. Here, the best perfumes for your zodiac sign.

Key Traits: Aries is a firecracker. Ever the busy bee, the first sign of the zodiac has a restless energy — though sometimes they take on too much. “Of all the signs, they are the most motivated,” says Roy. “Their mission on Earth is to get things done.” Aries’ spirited personality and animated aura means that they attract others easily, although non-Aries may have a hard time keeping up with their always-on-the-go nature.

Fragrance Match: Aries need a fragrance to match their outgoing, fast-paced life. Black pepper, frankincense and lemon are sharp scents that will support their fiery spirit and keep them feeling invigorated.


The fragrances to help you win in every situation

Want to win friends, gain confidence and bring happiness wherever you go? Science says scent can help you do all that, and more. Aromatherapy seems like a hippy-dippy concept, but research shows scents evoke strong emotional responses — and are the key to setting the tone in an environment. It’s the reason why retailers, hotels and restaurants use smells to attract customers and even boost spending.

While science says that scent has a powerful effect on our mood, can you use it to influence the moods of those around you? Botanical perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis, founder of Strange Invisible Perfumes, says yes. “When we reach someone’s senses, we impress something upon them. Whatever we impress upon them then informs what they think of us, and what a person thinks of us definitely drives their behavior toward us,” she explains.

However, Balahoutis warns against overpowering scents. In most scientific experiments, the scent used was subtle. “Never slap someone in the nose with a big, nuclear hit of fragrance,” says Balahoutis. Her trick is to mist hair or clothes with fragrance, which allows a fragrance to linger.

Here, the best scents to get what you want from those around you — without ever saying a word.

If You Want to Gain Trust InstantlyThe scent: Lavender

Why: They say trust is hard to come by — but wearing lavender might make it a little easier. According to a study in Frontiers Psychology, people in lavender-scented rooms were much more likely to trust strangers (compared to when they were put in peppermint- or non-scented rooms). Half of the participants were given money, and were told that could keep it or give it away to other other half of the participants. If they gave it away, it would triple — but it’d be up to the person they gave it to to decide how much of it to give back. The people in the lavender room gave away significantly more money.

Try wearing it as jewelry instead

Fragrance jewelry has been around since the Egyptian times when people wore tiny bottles or scented amulets around their necks. But that doesn’t mean these baubles were pretty — they were more function than form.

The newest generation of fragrance jewelry, however, isn’t just scented — it’s also incredibly chic looking. And there’s modern technology that makes the scent last longer than ever before — so you can wear your fragrance jewelry for years to come.

Some of these pieces use scented beads trapped inside jewelry diffusers while others infuse the pieces themselves with the fragrance. And some contain solid perfume locked inside a ring or pendant. Regardless of the method, each piece is special — and the perfect addition to any fragrance (or jewelry) lover’s collection.

The Chicest Leather BraceletSometimes the simplest jewelry is the most glamorous — and that definitely applies to the Maison Francis Kurkdjian Perfumed Leather Bracelet in Apom, $225. Each bracelet is made by hand and scented with a technique used for perfumed leather gloves in the 18th century — it’s soaked in essential oils and then dried in the open air. The orange flower and cedar wood scent lasts an incredibly long time, and it comes with a protective pouch to help maintain the fragrance even longer.

Bling RingIf you’re a fan of Kilian’s fragrances, then you’re going to go nuts for the Studio 54 By Kilian Ring, $250. This gorgeous, disco ball-inspired cocktail ring can be filled with any of the 33 Kilian scents. It’s ideal if you talk with your hands — you’ll perfume the room while you gesticulate.